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Saving more than just the planet.

Switching to LEDs can be a great decision for all sorts of reasons, from trying to shrink your energy bill to installing solar power in your home. But arguably the most exciting reason to switch to LEDs is their ability to save you money - lots of money - every month.

Our average LED retrofit project saves our clients 70% on their monthly lighting bills.

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LEDs don't just save money by saving energy.

LEDs don't burn out nearly as quickly as incandescent or CFL bulbs. Not only does that mean less light bulbs to buy but also, if you own a business or run a city, it means a lot less of your budget and human resources spent replacing burnt out light bulbs.

When you combine the electricity savings with the maintenance savings of LEDs over the life of the lighting system, the costs of retrofitting start to look very small. Investing in LEDs is one of the smartest, safest investments a business or nonprofit can make today, offering upwards of 25% to 30% year-over-year returns.

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Saving money on energy costs is great - but paying for the upgrades needed to see those savings can be difficult. Woodward Energy Solutions offers assistance in obtaining affordable financing and available energy efficiency incentives to remove any potential financial barriers that may be stopping you from realizing your energy savings today.

We have partnered with a number of reputable financial institutions and utility companies with extensive expertise in energy efficiency financing in order to ensure that our customers are receiving the best rates possible. To explore the financing options available to you in more detail, give us a call for us to come out and complete a free, no obligation lighting audit.

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